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Ramblin'tejano Luggage Transfer Service Booking Terms and Conditions.


RAMBLIN'TEJANO, LDA agrees to provide the service on the terms set out below for any bookings that are accepted and confirmed by us in writing (email). Our terms and conditions are otherwise subject to alteration at any time without notice.


Ramblin'tejano Luggage Transfer Service is available from 13 September till 20 November and from 10 February until 30 June between Santiago de Cacem or Porto Covo and Sagres, in either direction. Bookings must be made with at least 48 hours advance notice, using our Online Booking Form below. For last minute bookings, please contact us preferably through the contact form on the bottom of this page. It is also possible to contact us by phone or e-mail.  Bookings will only be accepted subject to the available capacity in our vehicles on any day for which transfers are requested.




Single transfer - €20 each* .

Transfers package (4 or more transfers) - €15 each transfer*.

*includes 2 pieces of luggage per transfer.


€5 - Each additional piece of luggage per transfer on all packages.

PREMIUM SERVICE: NB. Service currently suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions on passenger numbers.


Transfers package (4 or more transfers) - €20 each transfer*.

*includes 2 pieces of luggage per transfer and courtesy transfers of up to 2 walkers.


€5 - Each additional piece of luggage per transfer on all packages.

For the  premium service, the third and each subsequent person in a party will be charged for a minimum of one piece of luggage per person, whether or not there are additional items of luggage, in order to be covered by the courtesy transfer service.

Extra charges applicable: ​€10 -  per pick-up or delivery between 5 km and 10 km by radius from the town centre, unless the accommodation is within 2 km radius of that day's transfer leg. The town centre is deemed to be the offices of the municipality or parish (freguesia) or the Rota Vicentina main information board, if no such office exists.

The price is applied per transfer leg between two towns, between Santiago de Cacem or Porto Covo and Sagres, in either direction, provided that the luggage pick-up and drop off points are within  5 km radius from the town centre.

Single transfers over multiple stages are subject to special quotation.


​Each item of luggage must not exceed 20 kg. Overweight luggage will be labelled with  a notification to reduce the weight for subsequent transfers. If an extra bag is required, then the  "additional luggage" fee of €5 will be charged for each transfer.


We cannot transfer any items (such as hats, boots, camera cases) which are strapped or tied to your main luggage. To avoid risk of loss or damage all items must be fully enclosed within your luggage, which should be securely closed with zippers and/or buckles.


​Luggage must be ready at the pick-up point before 9.30 am (e.g. reception, common room or other accessible point in your accommodation). We guarantee delivery to the next accommodation, on the same day, before 4.00 pm.


If the luggage is not ready for collection at the requested time, RAMBLIN'TEJANO will text message you and wait a further 5 minutes, after which we will consider the service for that day has been cancelled. In which case if you subsequently need to hire another service provider, the resulting cost  will  be entirely the responsibility of the customer.

​For accommodations without staff or private houses, it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange  the pick-up and delivery solution for the luggage together with their hosts.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. road closure, vehicle break down, accident) preventing the delivery of your luggage before 4.00 pm you will be informed immediately and an alternative solution will be arranged. However we will not accept any liability for any loss or costs resulting from such events.

If we are unable to deliver your luggage due to closed premises, we’ll attempt to deliver it to a nearby safe location and inform your accommodation and/or you. On booking  you should provide full name and address  as well as a contact telephone number  of each accommodation .

Luggage must be properly labelled with a RAMBLIN'TEJANO label, with the details of the walkers listed in the booking. On receipt of payment, temporary labels will be emailed for you to print and use at first pick-up location, at which time our driver will affix a durable label for use during remainder of the service.

We do not offer a luggage storage service. Luggage can only be collected from one location and then delivered on the same day to another location.


Walkers who wish to take advantage of the Premium  courtesy transfer service on any day, should notify us by email or WhatsApp before 9.00pm on the evening before or by telephone between 8.00 and 9.00 am on the morning of the transfer. We will then advise you of the approximate time (a 45 minute window) that you will be collected, so that you do not have to wait for a long period with your luggage.

This service is prioritised for  the assistance of sick or injured walkers. A non-walking member of a party cannot be transferred each day with the luggage.

We reserve the right to refuse  carriage of any persons who are or appear to be intoxicated by drink or drugs.


​It is the responsibility of the customer to inform RAMBLIN'TEJANO, LDA in the event of an alteration to the itinerary.

​RAMBLIN'TEJANO, LDA will accept booking changes up to 48 hours in advance without any extra cost, provided that there is minimal alteration to the itinerary, such as place  or dates. However if the required changes are constrictive, you will be informed and we will reserve the right to apply an administration fee of €10. If additional transfers are requested than their cost must be added to the overall cost of the service.


It is the responsibility of the customer to inform RAMBLIN'TEJANO, LDA in the event of a cancellation.

There will be no refund on cancellations requested after 9.30 am, two days prior to the date of the first transfer (ie. 48 hours notice is obligatory).

In all other cases there will be a 10€ cancellation fee. Cancellations are refunded within 48 hours.

If a hike has already started and some transfers are cancelled and others not, then there will be a 50% refund of the value of the cancelled transfers after the 48 hours notice period, taking account of any  rate differences due to differing package rates.

Refunds are exclusive of any bank or transaction fees already paid as well as any fees incurred to process the refund.



Payments must be made by bank transfer after our acceptance of your booking.

​​If applicable, extra charges must be paid in cash, left with your luggage between transfers.

An official invoice/receipt, including VAT ( IVA) at  applicable rate, will be issued  electronically, with notification by email, after the final luggage transfer.



We agree to indemnify the loss of a whole luggage up to 150€ per luggage item whilst in our possession  between collection and delivery. Loss or theft of individual items from luggage is not insured and neither is damage to the luggage item itself. Any loss of, or from luggage before pick up and after delivery is not covered. We strongly suggest that you take out suitable travel insurance to cover such losses.

​In the event of unstaffed accommodations and the luggage being left in a secure place, we do not accept liability for any resulting loss or damage.


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