Self-guided trail running


Carefree self-guided walking and geocaching holidays with a  personal touch.

What we can offer:

Self-guided walking, trail running or geocaching  tours with luggage transfers.

Centre based, self-drive self- guided walking holidays.

Tailor-made walking holidays to meet your individual needs.

Self-guided trail running tours.

Individual trail running holidays at your own pace.

Historical Way - Rota Vicentina


Running from point to point without a guide to show you the way. You will follow marker signs and/or written instructions in trail information notes with a map to help you.

If you  like a paperless environment then many routes have GPS tracks to follow on your handheld GPS device or mobile phone, however we advise you take a printed version as a back-up in case of battery failure or damage..

Trails in the serra


Any holiday should be carefree, but on a self-guided running holiday it is good to know that:

Your luggage will be delivered for you at your next accommodation.

Your route has been tried and tested.

There is someone on  call to help out if you encounter any difficulties.

Coastal views

At your own pace.

Self-guided running holidays allow you to run at your own pace, without being urged on by a tour leader or held back by a slower group member.

You can set off whenever you like after breakfast, take a leisurely break during the day to    enjoy your lunch whilst admiring the scenery or dipping your feet in the sea or in a cooling stream.

If the thought of a dip in the hotel pool or a beer on the terrace at the end of the day spurs you on, then stride out. It is your choice!

Cliff top trail

On your back.

With your main luggage being transferred for you, you only need to carry a small day pack on your back with a few essentials for the hike.

Dont forget to take:

Sustenance - enough drinking water and energy snacks.

Weather protection - sunscreen, sunhat.

For eventualities - first aid kit, spare socks, torch/flashlight, whistle, mobile phone.

Directions - GPS device with map and instructions, in case of device failure.

Our trail running holidays:

To the end of the world - 8 days - 6 runs.

245 kms with 3,300 metres accumulated ascents, along the Rota Vicentina long distance path from Santiago do Cacém to Cape St. Vincent, the most southwesterly point in Europe.

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